Culinary journey of discovery in Quebec City: local specialties up close

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Try local specialties at the Quebec restaurant

Quebec City restaurants and more where you can discover local specialties

Discover culinary Quebec City with us. We have as Tour guide and travel blogger explored the city often. We placed particular emphasis on Quebec City restaurants with local specialties. We discovered some of their delicious secrets. Quebec City offers an impressive variety of local specialties. These range from savory to sweet.

Quebec City's culinary landscape is deeply rooted in French and indigenous cuisine. But it has its own unique spin. Here you can find authentic ones poutine, a must for every visitor. But there is so much more to try. How about tourtière, a savory meat pie? Or sugar pie, a sweet dessert made from maple syrup? An insight into that Food from Quebec you can find here.

Quebec City places great value on authenticity. Many restaurants use local ingredients. You can taste the freshness in every bite. That's part of the charm of this city. It's not just about the food. Rather, it's about the experience, the story and the people behind it. Quebec restaurants serving local specialties often offer both.

We visited small bistros that have been around for generations. We sat in modern cafés that reinterpret old recipes. There are exciting dishes to try everywhere that have developed throughout history. Some are based on French recipes, but many also use local ingredients and recipes prepared by Quebec's indigenous population.


Leg of lamb with Canneberge sauce and fried vegetables in maple syrup
Leg of lamb with Canneberge sauce and fried vegetables in maple syrup


Quebec City restaurants serve these local specialties

Quebec City and its immediate surroundings are home to culinary treasures that are deeply rooted in local history. These specialties tell the stories of the first settlers, the indigenous people and the French influences. These are some highlights:

Tourtière from Lac-Saint-Jean

This savory meat pie is different from the usual tourtière. It is rich in game meat or meat from local animals, embedded in a thick layer of dough. Originally prepared by early French settlers, it reflects adaptation to available ingredients in the New World.

Tart au sucre

The sugar tart, a sweet legacy of the French colonial era, is traditionally made with the region's maple syrup or brown sugar. Its roots lie in the need to survive the cold winters with energy-dense food, with maple syrup providing an easily accessible sweetness.

Soupe aux pois

This yellow pea soup was originally prepared by the indigenous people and adopted by the French settlers. The main ingredients, yellow peas, come from local agriculture. It was valued as a nutritious dish during the long winter months.


A spicy pork spread rooted in the French tradition of charcuterie. Its preparation and distribution in Quebec reflect the adaptation of French recipes to local conditions and available ingredients.

Canneberges en sauce

Cranberries, known locally as “canneberges,” have been collected and used in Quebec for centuries. The sauce made from these berries traditionally accompanies Thanksgiving dinner and other festive meals. The indigenous people used Canneberges both as a source of food and to preserve meat.

These dishes that we enjoy today are based on the ingredients and traditions available in this region.


Tarte Pintaniaire
Tarte Pintaniaire


Culinary insider tips and Quebec City restaurants with local specialties

There are culinary secrets waiting to be discovered in Quebec City, and each of these restaurants offers unique taste experiences that are deeply rooted in the local culture. Click on the links to find out more about the cafes and restaurants. You can often find the current menu there too.

Le Petit Coin Latin

In the heart of the old town district you will find Le Petit Coin Latin, a charming bistro that is reminiscent of France with its cozy ambience. Here you should definitely try the homemade tourtière, a meat pie made with love and local spices. This place is popular with locals and tourists alike, making it a perfect hangout for anyone looking for authenticity.

Chez Boulay – bistro boreal

Chez Boulay – bistro boréal is not only a delicatessen shop, but also a mini-café with limited seating. It highlights Nordic cuisine and impresses with ingredients straight from the Quebec wilderness, giving each dish a distinctive touch. In particular, the game dishes and the use of berries and mushrooms that are native to the region make a visit here a real experience. Chez Boulay is centrally located, close to the busy shopping streets, but is unique in its kind, attracting a mix of curious tourists and local foodies looking for something a little different.

La Bûche

Another insider tip is La Bûche, a restaurant that offers traditional Quebec cuisine with a modern twist. Here you'll find classics like poutine and sugar pie, reinterpreted in innovative ways. La Bûche is known for its lively atmosphere and rustic yet welcoming decor reminiscent of an old Quebec wooden house. Located in the heart of the Old Town district, it is popular with both locals and visitors looking for a modern take on local cuisine.

Le Grand Marché de Quebec

Another highlight is Le Grand Marché de Quebec, a lively marketplace that brings together the best of local agriculture and craftsmanship under one roof. Here you will discover a variety of stalls offering fresh, local produce, handmade delicacies and unique culinary specialties. These range from handmade cheese and fresh pastries to seasonal vegetables and fruit. Le Grand Marché is a paradise for anyone who wants to appreciate the authenticity and quality of products from Quebec City and surrounding areas. Located just outside the center, this market primarily attracts locals, but is also a must-visit for visitors looking for an authentic culinary experience.


Quebec restaurants local specialties
Try local specialties in Quebec restaurants


Quebec City restaurants with local specialties that serve poutine

In Quebec City you will find poutine, which is simply legendary. We'll show you where it tastes best.

Chez Ashton

Chez Ashton is a must for poutine lovers as it puts a local spin on classic poutine. The fries are perfectly crispy, the sauce is rich and full of flavor, and the cheese is fresh and squeaky under your teeth. A secret? Chez Ashton uses a special sauce recipe that makes the poutine unforgettable.

The Le Chic Shack

Le Chic Shack takes poutine to a new level because their variations are creative. Think poutine with venison or mushrooms. What makes them special is that they place great emphasis on local ingredients, and you can taste it. Their poutine is not just a dish, but a love letter to Quebec.

The Poutineville

Poutineville is the place for individualists because here you can put together your own poutine. The special thing is that the selection of ingredients is huge. From vegan options to unusual toppings, Poutineville leaves nothing to be desired, and their poutine is unique because you create it yourself.

These places are not only restaurants, but also ambassadors of a specialty that has made Quebec famous. Their poutine is special because it is prepared with love and passion. Although each restaurant has its own style, they all have one thing in common. They serve poutine you won't forget.


Poutine and burgers
Poutine and burgers


Discover the Quebec City restaurants that delight with local specialties

Quebec City is a paradise for gourmet travelers, as cultures and tastes mix here to create a unique culinary experience. The city offers everything from traditional Quebec specialties to modern interpretations, which is what makes it so special. Here you can discover the whole world on one plate, but with a local twist.

Start your culinary journey in one of the historic restaurants in the old town, where you'll find classics like tourtière and poutine. Then venture to modern bistros that experiment with local ingredients so you can taste the seasons.

Don't forget to visit the sugar shacks in spring, because maple syrup is not just a sweetener, but a piece of culture. In summer, the markets invite you to try out where you can find the freshest ingredients.

A tip: let yourself go, because Quebec City's alleys are full of culinary surprises. Small cafés, bakeries and markets are waiting to be discovered. Also talk to the locals because they know the best insider tips. Often it is the inconspicuous places that surprise the most.

Map of Quebec City restaurants featuring local specialties

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Have you been to Quebec City?

Which restaurants have you discovered? What are your experiences? Are there any dishes that you particularly enjoyed? Or did you not like something at all? Share your experiences and experiences in the comments. Our readers will certainly appreciate these.

Questions and answers about Quebec City restaurants serving local specialties

What is the most typical dish I should try at a Quebec City local restaurant?

In Quebec City, be sure to try poutine, a hearty dish made with French fries, shredded cheese, and gravy. It is a classic of local cuisine.

Are there restaurants in Quebec City that focus on local favorites made with maple syrup?

Yes, in Quebec City you can find restaurants as well as cafes that use maple syrup in their dishes. A visit to a traditional sugar hut (cabane à sucre) in spring is particularly recommended to enjoy maple syrup specialties.

Can I find authentic French cuisine in Quebec City?

Absolutely! Quebec City offers a variety of restaurants serving authentic French dishes. Thanks to the city's deeply rooted French culture, you can look forward to authentic taste experiences.

Where can I find the best seasonal food in Quebec City?

Many restaurants in Quebec City emphasize seasonal and local ingredients. Markets like the Grand Marché are great places to discover fresh, seasonal produce and enjoy it in the surrounding restaurants.

Is there a food tour in Quebec City that I shouldn't miss?

Yes, there are various culinary tours that take you through the old town and allow you to taste local specialties. Such tours offer a deep insight into the city's food culture and often lead to hidden culinary gems.

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Source: own research on site. During our travels as a tour guide and travel blogger, we visited numerous restaurants in Quebec City and gained a good insight into the local cuisine. Our opinions definitely remain our own.

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Culinary journey of discovery in Quebec City: local specialties up close

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