Miami Insider Tips – Discover the city’s hidden treasures

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Miami insider tips

Miami is a city that delights its visitors with its unique flair. We show you this lively metropolis in all its facets. Imagine a city where vibrant life and relaxed serenity prevail in equal measure. With our Miami insider tips we will also show you the lesser-known sides of the city.



Miami insider tips

In Miami you immediately feel the energy. The streets are filled with the sounds of salsa music and the smell of Cuban cuisine. Cultures mix to form a colorful mosaic that shapes the city. Each neighborhood has its own character, from the chic boulevards of South Beach to the historic corners of Little Havana.

Our very personal insider tips for Miami


Miami's architecture is also a feast for the eyes. Colorful Art Deco building stand side by side with modern skyscrapers. In the evening, when the city is bathed in warm light, Miami reveals its very special charm. The skyline is reflected in the sparkling water of Biscayne Bay.

But Miami is not just a city of visual stimuli. It is a place where you can feel the joy of life. People come here to celebrate life - whether it's a stroll along Ocean Drive or a relaxing afternoon in one of the many cafés.


Domino Park in Little Havana
Domino Park in Little Havana is also one of our insider tips for Miami


Discover Little Havana

Calle Ocho

It is no longer one of the Miami insider tips. But Little Havana is a must for every Miami visitor. It is the beating heart of Cuban culture in the city. Your adventure begins on Calle Ocho, the lifeline of Little Havana. This street is bursting with color and life. Here you will find murals that tell stories from Cuba as well as musicians playing traditional Cuban rhythms. Let yourself be carried away by the music. We love listening to the Cubans' joy of life that they convey through their music.


Miami insider tips - the Cafe Cubano
One of our Miami insider tips is Cafe Cubano


Cuban coffee and cigar art

For example, in the numerous cafes along the street you can try the famous Cuban coffee - strong, sweet and unforgettable. But beware! This coffee no longer has anything to do with an espresso. He is much stronger. Also visit one of the traditional tobacco shops where you can experience the art of cigar rolling up close. The skill of the cigar makers is impressive and offers an authentic Cuban experience.

Domino Park: A meeting place for generations

A special highlight is the Domino Park. For us, this is where Little Havana is at its most authentic. Locals of all ages gather here to play dominoes. We looked over the players' shoulders. They concentrate on watching the game progress and place their stones. This place is more than just a playground; it is a social meeting place. This is where Miami's Cubans meet up with friends and spend hours playing games and gossiping. If you have time, you can sit down and play along yourself. This makes it easy to talk to locals.

Culinary journey through Cuba

For connoisseurs, Little Havana offers a wealth of culinary discoveries. Try Cuban classics like ropa vieja, a savory braised beef dish, or tostones, fried green plantains. The local restaurants also serve authentic Cuban cuisine.

Cultural events and festivals

Little Havana is also a center for cultural events. Find out about local festivals or music nights. Nowhere can you experience the Cuban way of life more impressively than with the typical music from Cuba. She infects everyone with her joy of life. I could listen to the musicians for hours.

Personal encounters

Be sure to take time to stroll the streets and talk to the locals. Their stories and lively atmosphere make Little Havana an experience. Here you will find a piece of Cuba in the middle of Miami.


Insider Tips Miami - Matheson Hammock Park
One of our insider tips in Miami, for example, is the Matheson Hammock Park, photo: Anish Patel, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Oases of peace far away from the hustle and bustle are among the Miami insider tips

Miami offers more than just lively beaches and parties. For slow travelers and pleasure travelers there are many hidden places to relax. Our Miami insider tips include, for example, beaches away from the hustle and bustle.

Hidden beaches for peace and relaxation

Miami is known for its lively beaches, but there are also quieter alternatives. For slow travelers and pleasure travelers who want to escape the hustle and bustle, this is it Virginia Key Beach a real insider tip. This secluded beach offers a peaceful atmosphere, ideal for enjoying the sound of the sea and feeling the sun. Here you can relax without being surrounded by crowds. Enjoy the peace and the unobstructed view of the sea.

Matheson Hammock Park: An oasis of calm

Another hidden gem of Miami is the Matheson Hammock Park. This park offers shady spots under trees and a quiet atmosphere, perfect for a picnic or reading a book. The park also includes a lagoon that is great for swimming. Enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility of this place, ideal for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.




Cultural Discoveries in the Wynwood Arts District

This is for culture lovers Wynwood Arts District a must. This artistic district is known for its impressive street art and graffiti. Stroll the streets and admire the colorful murals that reflect Miami's diversity and creativity. In the numerous small galleries you can discover works by local artists and maybe even take home a unique souvenir.

HistoryMiami Museum: A glimpse into Miami's past

The HistoryMiami Museum, although smaller and less visited, offers fascinating insights into Miami's history. Here you can find out more about the development of the city and its cultural roots. The museum presents a variety of exhibitions ranging from the pre-Columbian period to the modern era.

Take time for Miami's quiet side

These quiet places definitely offer a perfect opportunity to experience Miami at a relaxed pace. Enjoy the peace and quiet and collect impressions away from the familiar image of Miami. In these hidden corners you will find the true heart of the city.


Miami Insider Tips - Zodiac Tour to Stiltsville
Miami Insider Tips – Zodiac Tour to Stiltsville


Miami insider tips: boat tours away from the familiar

Experience the city from the water! Miami offers more than just the usual boat tours. For slow travelers and pleasure travelers, there are tours on which you can discover the local history of the city. You will learn a lot about Miami and its residents.

Stiltsville: A Historical Adventure on the Water

One of our Miami insider tips takes you to Stiltsville, a group of historic stilt houses in Biscayne Bay. These houses, which were once the scene of lavish parties and mysterious encounters, now stand as silent witnesses to an eventful past. One Zodiac boat tour takes you directly to these fascinating buildings. You will experience the history of Stiltsville up close. We can still feel the atmosphere that existed here when fishermen, party fans, smugglers and crooks met in the stilt houses in the sea.




One of our Miami insider tips for everyone who likes things a little faster

On our Zodiac tour we also see Miami from a completely new perspective. The trip in the small, maneuverable boat is also an adventure in itself. In protected harbor areas we glide calmly through the clear water of Biscayne Bay. This always opens up new views of the Miami skyline. However, as soon as we leave the harbor area, the sea becomes rougher. After the last bridge the speed limits are finally lifted. Our boat is getting faster and faster. The further we leave the harbor area behind us, the higher the waves become. Even on a sunny day like ours. Now I understand why there are metal barriers in the boat. We cling to it until we have ridden the waves all the way to the stilt houses. Here our boat captain reduces the speed of the Zodiac. However, taking photos is still not easy because we are now rocking in the waves.

Discover hidden paths on the water

In addition to Stiltsville, Miami has many waterways just waiting for you to explore. Each boat tour offers its own little surprises. Maybe you'll find a secluded cove perfect for swimming, or you'll encounter exotic sea creatures in their natural habitat.

The best time for a boat tour

Book an early morning or sunset cruise. During these hours the light is particularly beautiful and the atmosphere on the water is calm. It's the perfect opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Miami in peace and quiet.



A must for every Miami visitor

These boat tours are a must for anyone who wants to experience the real Miami. They also offer you the chance to explore the city off the beaten track.


Tea time at the Biltmore Hotel
Tea time at the Biltmore Hotel is one of our Miami insider tips that we have tested ourselves


Miami insider tips: culinary discoveries for connoisseurs

Luxurious tea time at the Biltmore Hotel

Miami, a melting pot of cultures, also reflects its diversity in its culinary scene. A special experience during our visit to Miami was tea time at the Biltmore Hotel. Here we enjoy the finest teas and exquisite pastries in an elegant atmosphere. This traditional tea time offers us a break with a touch of luxury and Caribbean flair.

Authentic local specialties in Miami's gourmet corners

Your culinary journey takes you further to Miami's hidden gourmet corners. Discover “Joe’s Stone Crab” in South Beach, famous for its excellent stone crabs. At “Versailles” in Little Havana you can immerse yourself in the world of Cuban cuisine with its hearty flavors.

Modern American cuisine at The Surf Club Restaurant

Another culinary highlight is “The Surf Club Restaurant” by chef Thomas Keller in Surfside. Experience a modern interpretation of classic American cuisine in a stylish and historic setting.

Miami insider tips for Italian culinary delights at Macchialina

For lovers of Italian cuisine, “Macchialina” is in Miami Beach a real insider tip. Here, rustic Italian dishes with a modern twist are served that will enchant your taste buds.

Japanese cuisine at Azabu Miami Beach

Visit Azabu Miami Beach for an authentic Japanese Izakaya experience. Enjoy world-class sushi and an impressive sake selection at this renowned Japanese restaurant.



Inquire about local food tours that will take you to the best culinary secrets in the city. This means you can try a variety of dishes while experiencing Miami culture.

Culinary treasures await you in Miami that will make your trip an experience.


Cafe in the Art Deco district
Cafe in the Art Deco district


Miami Insider Tips: Hidden Treasures in the Art Deco District

The historic Art Deco district is known for its colorful buildings. However, there is more to see here than just the famous architecture. For example, you can find hidden cafés away from the main streets. They are little oases of peace. Enjoy a coffee here and watch the world go by. Each café has its own charm and style. Some also offer local artwork for sale.

In the side streets you will also discover galleries that are less well known. They show works by local artists. These galleries offer a glimpse into Miami's art scene. You can often talk to the artists themselves here.

There are also boutiques hidden in this district. They sell unique fashion and accessories. In these small shops you can find pieces that are not available anywhere else. The owners are mostly locals who share their passion.

Our tip: Stroll through the streets without a specific destination. This is how you discover the best insider tips. Every corner of the district has something to offer. So let the atmosphere inspire you.

Find Miami insider tips and restaurants with this map

The sights among our Miami insider tips are marked red. The blue markings, on the other hand, show you the restaurants.


Miami insider tips: Discover the city in a new way

Experience the historic Art Deco district with its hidden cafés, galleries and boutiques. Enjoy the quiet moments in these little oases. Plus, discover the local art scene and unique fashion on the side streets.

Extraordinary boat tours often take you to the hidden corners of Miami. Explore Stiltsville or enjoy the tranquility of the waterways. These tours also offer you unique views of the city.

Miami also has a lot to offer in terms of cuisine. From traditional tea time at the Biltmore Hotel to hidden gourmet corners. Be sure to try the local specialties or instead discover new culinary trends in the city's innovative restaurants.

We invite you to discover Miami in a new way. Let yourself be inspired by the insider tips and experience the city off the beaten track. For detailed information and further tips, take a look at our linked guides. There you will find everything you need for your unique Miami experience.


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Miami Insider Tips – Discover the city’s hidden treasures

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