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Hiking in southern Germany to Henneburg in Churfranken

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Are you planning a holiday in Germany and looking for travel tips? Where is Germany most beautiful? What do you have to see in Germany? What is the most beautiful region in Germany? These are questions we hear again and again. You can find the answers to many of these questions in these articles, which we are constantly expanding.


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Magnificent and worth a visit: the brick facade of the town hall in Stralsund

Stralsund Sights - Hanseatic City and UNESCO World Heritage Site

Stralsund sights - more than worth a detour We've been wondering for a long time which Stralsund sights are worth a visit. Admittedly, we always drove past Stralsund on our first visits to the Baltic Sea. However, not without a look at ...
Neustaedter goal

Where in Tangermünde?

Tangermünde Sights Where to go in Tangermünde? This is the question we ask ourselves when we visit this Hanseatic city on the Elbe in the Altmark. Tangermünde is a town that is worth a visit. It lies at the mouth of the Tangier and the Elbe. No ...
Frankfurt sightseeing downtown

Frankfurt sights in the city center

The city center of Frankfurt am Main has many fascinating sights in store for you. From historical buildings to modern attractions, there is definitely something for everyone! When you enter the city, you will...
Points of interest in Aachen - Dom

Discover Aachen sights in one day

Aachen sights for one day We have been guests in Aachen several times, but as travel bloggers we always didn't have enough time to see all of Aachen's sights in one day. On our first visit we explored the city of Charles the...
The gabled houses in the Hotel Scheelehof

Romantik Hotel Scheelehof Stralsund - enjoy Hanseatic hospitality

Romantik Hotel Scheelehof Stralsund With the Romantik Hotel Stralsund Scheelehof, we have made a hotel choice that inspires us. On our pleasure trips in Germany and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, we like to travel by car. Firstly, because it allows us to discover regions that ...
Aachen accommodation - breakfast with a view

Aachen Accommodation Guide: Best Places to Stay in Aachen

Aachen Accommodation Guide If you are planning a trip to Aachen, it is important to choose the right accommodation. In our Aachen accommodation guide you will find a variety of options, ranging from budget accommodation to luxurious hotels. To this ...
Aachen campsite

The ultimate camping guide for Aachen

In Aachen, tradition meets modernity, making Aachen a perfect destination for motorhome travelers. From the cathedral, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to the warm thermal springs, Aachen offers many discoveries. The city is also the ideal starting point for...
Where can I rent an RV?

Camper pitches Germany

Camper pitches Germany We have clarified where in Germany it is allowed to stay overnight with a camper. Where are there motorhome parking spaces in Germany that are inexpensive? Who offers private pitches for mobile homes in Germany? Where are pitches for...
Camping on the Moselle directly on the water

Camping on the Moselle directly on the water

Are you planning camping on the Moselle directly on the water? Then you are exactly right here. The Moselle region in Germany offers you a wealth of opportunities to experience nature, culture and wine. The Moselle, an idyllic river that flows through ...
Fischland Zingst Darss Sunset

Darss sights between Fischland and Zingst

Darss vacation on the Baltic Sea Holidays on the Baltic Sea on the peninsula on the Baltic Sea coast The Baltic Sea beach is one of the Darss sights, which is why we make the detour on our trip from Stralsund to Kuehlungsborn. What a beach! He is wild...


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