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Hiking in southern Germany to Henneburg in Churfranken

General Germany vacation and travel tips

Are you planning a holiday in Germany and looking for travel tips? Where is Germany most beautiful? What do you have to see in Germany? What is the most beautiful region in Germany? These are questions we hear again and again. You can find the answers to many of these questions in these articles, which we are constantly expanding.


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Franconian grilled sausages

Franconian cuisine tastes delicious

Old Franconian cuisine - that's good eating in Franconia Franconian cuisine tastes delicious. She is diverse. This is partly due to the fact that the dishes are regional. There are other Franconian specialties in the beer region than in the wine region...
Stralsund insider tips

Stralsund insider tips: Discover a UNESCO World Heritage city

Stralsund Tips Stralsund, a UNESCO World Heritage City, has many hidden treasures and insider tips that you can discover during your visit. The city, characterized by its brick architecture, is an impressive testament to past splendor and power. Stroll through the winding streets of the...
Karlovy Vary Czech Republic

Wafers from the Great Spa Towns of Europe

Wafers are known as ingredients for Christmas cookies. These are thin sheets whose dough consists exclusively of water, flour and starch. If you eat them, they taste bland. Unless you rate them by sweet fillings or as...
Homemade butter tastes good

Making butter yourself in the butter barrel - That's how it works

Making butter yourself from cream or milk My grandmother showed me many years ago how to make butter yourself in a butter churn. As a child, I would often sit in her kitchen and watch her make butter. However, this is...
Bad Kissingen sights - arcades

Bad Kissingen Attractions for Slow Travelers

Bad Kissingen Attractions Get off the beaten track and explore the local Bad Kissingen attractions! Find out what there is to see and do in this Bavarian city, from quaint cafes to places of cultural significance. City map Bad...
Weeping willow at Waginger See

Where can you go hiking in Germany?

Where can you hike well in Germany? Where can you hike in Germany? We set out to find out which hiking destinations in southern Germany and northern Germany are particularly suitable for connoisseurs. We saw some of them on our travels...
Cake selection in the old Aachen coffee shops

Aachen specialties and culinary tips

Aachen, a city in western Germany, is known for its delicious and varied cuisine. From the famous Aachener Printen and gingerbread to hearty dishes such as sauerbraten and various types of sausage, there are specialties for everyone in Aachen. Let us ...
The island of Reichenau on Lake Constance

The island of Reichenau on Lake Constance and its sights

Time seems to have stood still on the island of Reichenau on Lake Constance. As soon as you step onto the island, you get the feeling that little has changed here since the time when the monastery was founded by St. Pirmin in 724. The time ...
Parking with a view of the Bavarian Forest

Stay overnight in a mobile home in Germany and Europe

Staying overnight in a motorhome in Germany and Europe "Where can you stay overnight in a motorhome in Germany and Europe?" - that is the question we ask ourselves. Are pitches or campsites better? Can you spend the night in a motorhome on the side of the road? We ...

Amazing architecture in the Brain winery in Untereisenheim

Architecture in the Brain Winery Winegrowers definitely value beautiful architecture in the winery. This allows them to present their wines in a special way. They usually do this in old manors and farms, whose yards are lined with...


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