Lobster stew - Canadian recipes

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Lobster stew

Traveling through the Canadian Atlantic provinces, you'll always find him on the menus of many restaurants: the lobster stew, which is usually served with fresh vegetables and fried potatoes like this one at the Tidal Watch Inn at St. Martin, New Brunswick. This stew is perhaps one of the best ways to prepare lobster: it is a light meal, does not require any complicated disassembly of the shellfish by the one who eats it, and is easy to prepare. The perfect dish to bring lobster to your table at home. And he is certainly an excellent choice to surprise his family with something very special at the upcoming Christmas and conjure a little Canadian wanderlust in the cold winter.

Lobster stew in New Brunswick style

Ingredients for the lobster stew

2 Hummer (1 each)
125 ml of melted butter
1 / 4 TL peppers
about 300 ml of light cream or condensed milk


Preparation of the lobster stew

And the preparation is easy, if you know how it works:

The lobsters are cooked for 15 minutes. Then cut them in a shallow pan and catch the juice. Then you remove the roe (the eggs) and the lobster meat. How to get the whole lobster meat, you can read here. Squeeze out the juice and meat from the legs and tail ends. Mix the lobster, juice and roe with the melted butter until each piece of meat is covered with butter. This will be shut down for about 4 hours.

Then you heat the milk or cream to the boiling point and add the buttered lobster meat and the juice. It is seasoned with paprika, which gives the dish an intense color. If necessary, you can add salt, although in most cases the butter and salty juice are sufficient. When the mixture has cooled, put it in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours. Before serving, heat them up again and add a few tablespoons of sherry, depending on your taste. The whole thing makes six servings.

Preparation time: approx. 40 minutes

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Source Lobster Stew: Recipes from Tourism New Brunswick and local research

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Lobster stew - Canadian recipes

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  1. Fresh, straight from the sea - there Lobster must taste as good as ever again. The more I read about you, the more attracts me Canada. And the lobster, of course. :-)

    1. Dear Barbara,

      Yes, the Canadian lobster taste, I think, best. But there's not only lobster there. Petar's favorite foods are the scallops. They are also fresh from the beach and taste great.

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  2. Dear Monika, dear Petar, Now I've been through your America category across and of course I'm stuck with the lobster. If he is soft enough and cut small, then I can still eat him. And yes, I ate the best lobster in North America, nowhere did it taste better. Nice, simple recipe, I like that. Best regards, Claudia

    1. Dear Clauda,

      and delicious is the lobster stew as well. You're right: nowhere is there as good a lobster as in Maine or Eastern Canada. There he is one of the normal daily dishes. Unlike ours, where you often pay very high prices.

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      Unfortunately, lobster is so expensive that we can only enjoy it in Canada. Here goes by the prices of the appetite: D.

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