Bollenstreek Flower Parade Noordwijk 2025

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The car of Keukenhof

Experience the Bollenstreek Flower Parade Noordwijk 2025

The tulip blossom The Netherlands did it to us. We've been there before traveling in the Netherlands to see tulips. Now let's learn more about how they're bred. We drive from ours Houseboat by boat to Bollenstreek. We have the opportunity to see this firework of colors and flowers. When we received the invitation from Simone from If you come to the flower parade between Harlem and Noordwijk, we immediately say yes. We don't think twice and drive to the Bollenstreek flower parade.



You can get an impression of the flower parade in Bollenstreek in our video.

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We have three days for the tulip blossom in Holland. We want to learn more about this parade. This will be held for the 2025th time in 78. At the flower parade, the tulip growers of Holland celebrate themselves and their tulips with a parade and an event that extends over several days. They travel through the country in wagons laden with tulips. Every year the flower parade has a different motto.


This is how they are created


The construction of the carriages for the flower corso in Sassenheim

In Sassenheim near Lisse, the floats for the pageant are prepared. Volunteers help decorate the floats with hyacinths, tulips, and other flowers. They're working hard on it. Some of the cars are so big that it seems impossible that they will be ready by the time they are presented in Noordwijkerhout on Friday. The motifs for the wagons are designed in the summer of the previous year.

Responsible for this is Wilma Mesman, the art director of the flower parade. She says that sometimes it's not easy to decorate the floats the way they were originally planned. Because Mother Nature still has a say in the design. If the tulips or hyacinths are not blooming in the colors needed to decorate the floats at the time of the flower parade, things will get tight. "And what do you do when there aren't enough buds available?" I ask. Wilma laughs and says: "Then we'll have to change the designs." So it was a nail-biter.


Two Dutch boys
Two Dutch boys at the Bollenstreek flower parade


The presentation of the tulip wagons in Noordwijkerhout

However, we don't notice any difficulties in procuring the tulips when we look at the floats on Friday evening. The winners of the Bollenstreek flower parade have now been determined. When we visited, the first prize went to the float of the Keukenhof a. This shows tulips, hyacinths and daffodils. A firework of colors that is second to none. The king's carriage received second prize. This is drawn by horses with flower manes. The "royal couple" waves to us from their car during the parade. Other floats feature windmills, castles and even the hats of Queen Beatrix and Queen Maxima. The theme is gaining the upper hand this year, even if there are other themed floats.



Finally, the floats of the Bollenstreek flower parade will be presented to the public in Noordwijkerhout. Some of the passengers are already there. Damsels in robes and pointed caps like in the Middle Ages. Little boys on a bicycle filled with tulips with wooden shoes. But also a company of men and women in green suits and red hair. However, their role is not entirely clear to us. But they always have fun.
Center of Noordwijkerhout. There we can admire more floats. It doesn't take long before "De Koetillers" heat up the audience with their rhythms. What we first thought was a village brass band turns out to be a band that gets people dancing quickly.


The Keukenhof car at the Bollenstreek Flower Parade
The Keukenhof car at the Bollenstreek Flower Parade


What you need for a visit to the Bollenstreek flower parade

  • You will definitely do a lot of walking at the Tulip Parade. Therefore are comfortable shoes important.
  • If you are planning an elegant evening, then you should Pumps .
  • In a backpack You can store everything you need for the day, for example.
  • Also, forget yours Camera not, because the floats and the parade tempt to take photos.


The king's carriage at the Bollenstreek flower parade
The king's carriage at the Bollenstreek flower parade


Tulip Blossom Holland: The Bollenstreek Flower Corso from Voorhout to Haarlem

On Saturday the time has finally come. We take a boat from ours Houseboat in Warmond to Voorhout to start the move. An ingenious solution! This way we avoid the traffic jams and waiting times that we would otherwise have to expect when visiting the flower parade. Instead, our captain Rien drives us comfortably and warmly wrapped up through the canals to the start of the flower parade. There we also have a view of the cars and the music groups. They form up just a few meters away from us and eventually lead the procession.

Then they pass by in all their glory. The damsels wave and the “royal couple” give us a friendly nod. The men and women in suits and with red hair are still up to mischief, the meaning of which is not entirely clear to us. In between, music bands and tambourine drummers now mix with marching music and drum rolls. Nearby, cheerleaders twirl their pom-poms. A great sight and definitely an experience as the cars pass us by!

The flower parade in the Bollenstreek is definitely a festival that we won't soon forget!

The flower corso in the Bollenstreek 2025

The Tulip parade will take place on April 12, 2025.

You can watch the carriages being assembled in the Klingenberghal in Sassenheim (address: Rijksstraatweg 52 | 2171 AM | Sassenheim). Three days before the parade on April 12, 2025, the floats are prepared. There are already events celebrating the tulips leading up to the parade.

Flower parade in Noordwijkerhout

from 21.00 p.m. We recommend being there early. There are many visitors at this event.

The route of the flower parade in Noordwijkerhout:

Official opening of the Flower Parade of the Bollenstreek in the Witte Kerk 21.00
Junction Herenweg – Viktoriberg 21.15
Viktoriberg – Kerkeland 21.22
Kerkeland – Dorpsstraat 21.24
Dorpsstraat – Havenstraat (`t Witte Kerkje) 21.26
Havenstraat – Koninginneweg 21.32
Koninginneweg – Viaductweg 21.38
Viaductweg – Kerkstraat 21.43
Wildlaan – Monday Wetering 21.50
Monday Wetering – Pilarenlaan 21.57
End point in the curve to Gieterij 22.04

Flower parade from Noordwijk to Haarlem:

On April 12, 2025. The flower parade starts at 9.30 a.m. on Koningin Wilhelmina Boulevard in Noordwijk and moves along the 40 km long route to Haarlem through the towns of Teylingen, Lisse, Hillegom, Bennebroek, Heemstede. In Haarlem the parade arrives at 21.00. The parade is 2,5 kilometers long.

The route of the flower parade:

09.15 Noordwijk
11.10 Voorhout
12.10 Sassenheim
14.45 Smooth
16.30 Hillegom
17.55 Bennebroek
20.55 Haarlem

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Bollenstreek Flower Parade Noordwijk 2025

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